Work With Me

I am on a mission to bring more Health and Happiness into this world! Since joining doTERRA I have not only increased my own happiness and improved my health but I have helped my family, friends, neighbors, ex-colleagues and strangers do the same. Essential Oils can help with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. They have personally helped me with sleep, anxiety, pain and hormonal imbalance from Endometriosis, chronic pain from a car accident (which is no longer chronic), and chakra imbalances.

I am looking for people to join me on my journey of self-care, self-love and self-discovery. You must first heal yourself to help heal others.

Are you…

  • Committed to personal growth?
  • Passionate about helping people?
  • A life-long learner?
  • Passionate about natural health care?

If you answered yes to those 4 questions I want YOU to join me on my wellness mission!

On this mission we will have an exchange of support and commitment.


  • I will guide you as you learn about essential oils, provide resources and support
  • I will teach you about doTERRA as a business and how you can make it your own business
  • I will provide personalized support to you on your journey


  • Welcome to the team gift: A 1 hour Aroma Touch Massage ($60.00 value)
  • You will join a community of like-minded people, passionate about helping others, that are all happy to help you grow too
  • You will grow exponentially if you fully commit and meet the most amazing people along the way
  • 25% off doTERRA products with the membership + monthly product credits + earning potential (based on commitment) + more


  • To use doTERRA essential oils and become familiar with their amazing healing properties
  • To share your experiences with others
  • To teach others about Essential Oils; the healing benefits, importance of quality and sourcing
  • To help others buy doTERRAs quality essential oils

Why join me?

I have a fierce passion to help people live their happiest and healthiest life. I love to help people grow and inspire them to become empowered to live the life they choose, not the life they settled for. When I have a goal I want to achieve, I achieve it, no matter what may come along the way. Join me as we help to redefine what caring for yourself and your family looks like and discover how truly simple it can be.