Yoga isn’t only good for your body, it also nourishes your mind and soul. I’ve experienced this holistic healing with Yoga myself time and time again over the past 10 + years. which is why I am so passionate about teaching. A regular yoga practice can improve physical and mental health, increase strength, improve memory, reduce pain, and help you connect you with your inner-self.

Yoga originated in India, and I was lucky enough to complete my teacher training in a small village in the northern mountains called Dharmkot. Here I learned how to teach the physical Asana practice, Pranayama, and Meditation. I learned about the deep history and philosophy of yoga while immersing myself in the practice all day, every day. I grew physically, mentally and spiritually and returned home excited to share the knowledge I’ve gained with others in hopes to facilitate a similar holistic healing journey in others. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help individuals on the wonderful journey Yoga takes us on. Since returning to Canada I decided to teach Private Yoga and Group Classes.

Private Yoga Classes

My Private Yoga classes are great for people new to Yoga and for those who would prefer to practice on their own but would still like the guidance of an instructor. I LOVE introducing people to Yoga and seeing their love for it grow like mine did 10 years ago! Private Yoga gives you a practice that is uniquely yours, designed with you to focus exactly where you want to. Click here to learn more about Private Yoga Classes.

Group Yoga Classes

Group, and private classes offer different benefits for you and your practice. I teach ‘Breath and Flow’ a beautiful Group Class at Grand Wellness Studio and Spa in Brantford. At the studio you have time and space to disconnect from your everyday life and reconnect with yourself. You’re in a safe space to connect and vibe with like-minded individuals. Bonus… there is a spa too, in case your ever feeling like a little extra TLC. Learn more about this beautiful studio here .