About Hope

I want to help women overcome their struggles in life to be happier, healthier & balanced. I believe in a holistic approach focusing on three elements; Mind, Body & Soul. This helps to create balance and positivity on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Balance is also about indulging in the things that you love now and then. If you’re like me and you love chocolate and cocktails, have some drinks and chocolate, or whatever it is that you enjoy. The key is to do it all in moderation and not to excess. None of this came easy to me at all, like a lot of girls I’ve been through depression, anxiety, and had body image issues. Through all of that I’ve tried keep my determination to be healthy and happy. Again, this was not always easy, in fact sometimes it was extremely hard. I finally feel like I can get through all of life’s hurdles, even if I come out of balance sometimes I know I can get it back by making sure I have time for self-care, and keeping healthy. I want this blog to inspire other women to have confidence in themselves to get through the curve balls life throws at them and to live a happy and balanced life.

My Story

Through hard work and dedication I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in England, with a degree in Events
Management BSc(Hons). Shortly after graduating I moved to Canada to be closer to my family. Being the health enthusiast I am I completed an online course and earned a diploma in ‘Personal Nutrition’ a few months after moving back.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 10 years old and I love animals! I am not one to diet or restrict myself-I LOVE FOOD, however I have tried to have a healthy diet since I started cooking. When I moved away to university my interest in nutrition grew and educated myself about what to eat as a vegetarian to get all the nutrients I needed to be healthy. I enjoy creating healthy dishes that are as delicious as they are nutritious.

I’ve tried and struggled with creating an exercise routine since I was a young teenager.  When I was a bit older I found enjoyment in Yoga and Pilates. They are my go-to when I’m stuck in a rut. I plan on completing ‘Yoga Teacher Training’ in India in November to grow my personal practice and to give me more tools to help others.

I love travelling and being in nature…Nothing beats taking a deep breath while looking out at the lake swishing back and forth while the sun is setting, or staring up at the moon contemplating life and how small you are. Being in nature makes me feel grounded and energized in the most amazing way. I’ve had some of my favorite moments hiking, swimming, & canoeing, connecting gently with nature- taking moments to appreciate the sights, smells, sounds and feeling of the beautiful earth around me.

Thank you for your taking time to visit & learn more about me.