2020 Charity Calendar: Naturally, Women with Endometriosis

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It’s been estimated that 1/10 women have Endometriosis. Most women go 10+ years in physical & mental pain, confused about why they feel like this, going from Doctor to Doctor until they finally find one educated about the disease to refer them to a specialist who can then diagnose them. If that felt like a long-winded sentence to read imagine for a second how it feels to live with the disease. I was one of these women and it took 12 years for me to be diagnosed.

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This calendar features 10 women with Endometriosis from Canada, Guernsey and USA. Together we are hoping to educate the public about; what the disease is, how common it is, helpful natural remedies and lifestyle changes that have eased symptoms to improve quality of life, and encouraging messages of hope and health. The aim of the Calendar is to educate and inspire people with Endometriosis around the world, to empower them to help themselves. All profits from the Calendar will be split between 3 charities; The Endometriosis Network Canada, Women with Endometriosis, and World Wide Endo March.

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A Resource

This is so much more than a calendar. This is a timeless resource for women with Endometriosis to review for natural tips and stories of hope and healing. Buying it before 2020 is ideal, but definitely not necessary!

THANK YOU for your support in spreading awareness and healing!

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