7 Ways I Manage Endometriosis Naturally

After years of going from doctor to doctor I was FINALLY diagnosed with Endometriosis. After the initial surge of relief from finally being diagnosed, I felt scared, helpless and had a lot of questions (even after speaking with a gynecologist). I continued with the suggestions made by my natural path and continued to do my own research. I was sick of overdosing on pain medication every month, of being in debilitation time and I would NOT be helpless in this journey. Since implementing these changes my average daily pain has gone from a 6 to a 1-2, and my ‘painful days’ have gone from 10 to 8. Yes there is still pain, but it is not as debilitating. I can go to work. I can walk up stairs. I can go out with friends. I can cook. All of these things I couldn’t do (without EXCRUCIATING pain) for about 4 days every month. Today is a high pain day, 8-10. Ive taken 1 buscopan and 1 ibuprofen. I’ve had pelvic pain, spasms and bloating all day. I’m exhausted, look like I’m 3 months pregnant, feel like my ovaries are going to explode and like someone is crushing my back. I am managing to get through my day with the below. It’s still bad, but not as bad as it was before when all I took was pills. I’ve been to the grocery store, went for a little walk and have work in an hour. I definitely would not have been able do all I did today without the things in this list. Anything that can help me live without as much pain is worth doing. I will link to other pages throughout the post for further information.

1. Follow the ‘Endo Diet’ (Anti-inflammatory diet)

    • To start say goodbye to dairy, gluten and corn!
    • For the full Endo Diet see more here…

2. Use therapeutic grade essential oils like dōTERRA

  • For almost immediate pain relief I use Frankincense and Copaiba, I put 1 drop of each under my tongue. This is better pain relief than any medication I have taken for endo pain (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Buscopan, Percocet and more) and its ALL NATURAL!  If I take it regularly throughout the month I have hardly any pain, if I just take it when I am in pain it is still so much more manageable.
  • I also use Cypress to help with cramping (it is a natural antispasmodic) by using 2-4 drops topically on my lower abdomen mixed with equal parts carrier oil. It can also be added to an hot bath with Epsom salts
  • You can also use; Clary Sage (in a capsule), Fennel, Melissa (‘take in capsule or massage over abdomen to balance and tone female organs’), Neroli (massage over abdomen or add to bath water)
  • Or try a ‘Morphine Bomb‘ for a blast of pain relief; 5 drops Frankinsence and 5 drops Copaiba in a capsule
  • After seeing firsthand how life changing these oils are I now sell doTERRA 🙂 Shop for the oils here… If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

3. Exercise

  • Regular exercise helps; manage endo symptoms (muscle pain, energy levels), lower estrogen, improve blood flow
  • If done correctly exercise wont make symptoms worse. Start slow, listen to your body and don’t over do it
  • I like yoga, it is gentle yet stimulating

4. Heating Pad

  • This one is obvious but works so well. After implementing everything else in the list I no longer live wrapped in my heating pad during my period and can actually live a normal life
  • Some people say that heating pads make the pain worse, it’s about finding what works for you

5. Warm Bath with Epsom Salts and Essential oils

  • Again obvious but it works!

6. Switch to Natural Products

  • ‘The average UK woman comes into contact with 680 chemicals per month IN HER OWN HOME. approximately two thirds are toxic and one third carcinogenic’ – Cancer active
  • Many of these toxins increase estrogen, which feeds endometriosis
  • I have almost completely switched to natural personal products (body care, makeup, hair care), I am now switching to natural cleaning products too. If a product touches your skin, or even if you inhale it, it enters your body and can harm you

7. Tea

  • Traditional Medicinals Red Raspberry Tea helps with cramping and bloating

This is what has worked for me, and changed my life. I hope that it can help you too. If you have any questions post below 🙂  I’m always learning and growing, so if there is anything you do that I missed I would love to hear it too.

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