My struggle with going vegan

The struggle is real. For the past 2 years I have been considering going vegan. My family was not happy about this and many of them said they didnt know what they could make for me if I was to go vegan and I’d have to fend for myself. This is what my family thought for a while after I became vegetarian (particularily my family in Canada because vegetarian options were VERY limited here 10 years ago). I think the only thing available was TVP which my Nana used to make veggie burgers and lasagna (thanks Nana <3!). This is how a lot of people think about plant based diets because in the western world we are pretty much expected to eat meat and dairy from being an infant and most people have it in 2 out of 3 of their meals a day. I know if I do go vegan my will eventually come around.

For the most part I have cut out milk and eggs. I actually prefer almond milk now – cows milk is too rich and I’ve noticed when I do have dairy my stomach feels off. Eggs is easy for the most part to not eat however I love poached eggs and my family puts it in their salads (pasta and potato salads with mayo). Chocolate and cheese has been the hardest thing to cut out and I can say I have failed so far. Chocolate is the hardest.. I’m a chocoholic!

I will keep cutting things out like I have been until I am vegan. I love all animals and I am determined to cut out any animal products and by products for my love of animals and my health. I know I will get there if I keep doing what I’ve been doing. This is my vegan journey, I’d love to hear yours.

– Hope

***UPDATE*** Shortly after watching this I became vegan! I also discovered why cheese was so hard to stop eating. Cheese triggers the same receptor in the brain as class A drugs (like Heroin!), which makes it addictive to the consumer.


“What the Health” Documentary on Netflix