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Sweet Dreams Sweetheart: Essential Oil Potion for Little Ones

I love it when my nephews stay over, they are full of life, excitement and wonder. I love painting with them, taking them for walks to the park and they even like to do yoga with me! Sometimes they are so excited that they struggle to sleep because they are too hyper…

Enter Essential Oils…

One night before story time I brought out some of my relaxing oils and let them choose which oils they wanted in the diffuser that night. They were pretty hyper, running around, jumping on the bed. It was adorable, but it was also time for bed. I asked them if they could help me make a bedtime potion blend. They said YES and were so excited to help Auntie. I brought out some of my relaxing oils, took the caps off and let them smell the oils and pick each oil for the blend. They picked Lavender, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Balance and Peace. They helped me put the oils in the diffuser and just sat and watched it for a minute, smelling the potion they made. It was a such a beautiful blend I actually use it for myself sometimes too. It was such a nice mellow activity before bed and they loved helping to make the blend. I put the diffuser on, tucked them in and read them a story. Before I was finished the first book they had fallen asleep. It was crazy how quickly it worked, I called it their bed time magic potion.

If you try it let me know how it works in the comments below!