Essential Wellness

At Hopeful Mind, Body and Soul we believe Essential Oils are important for optimal health and wellness. They have helped Hope personally in many ways (for examples look here, here and here).

Hope loves to teach others about what has helped transform her own life and introducing Essential Oils (E.Os) was a biggie. A few short months after discovering doTERRA the pain she had been in for almost 2 years from a car accident had stopped (thanks to doterras Frankinsence, Deep Blue and Copaiba!). This is only one way doTERRA has improved Hope’s life, there are MANY more.

How Can Essential Oils Help Me?

I’m glad you asked! Using E.Os can help improve your physical, mental and spiritual health in many ways. There are different ways to use E.Os depending on condition / complaint. Part of the fun is figuring out your favorite way to use the oils (Topically, Internally or Aromatically).

Lets chat about how E.Os can help your Mind, Body and Soul in an ‘Essential Wellness Consultation’.

Essential Wellness Consultation

What is it?

  • A FREE 30-60 minute consultation to discuss how Essential Oils can help YOU personally
    • Online via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime – available world-wide (english speaking only)
    • In person for anyone interested in Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant county, Ontario.
  • We discuss 3-5 problem areas you are concerned about regarding your Mind (mental health), Body (physical health) and Soul (spiritual health)
  • Next we explore which Essential Oils could help to reduce or eliminate the complaint and how they can be used
  • We then discuss why quality is imperative when purchasing E.Os for your health
  • Finally you will have a chance to purchase the highest quality Essential Oils available for up to 25% off!
    • Optional retail or wholesale pricing (25% off retail)

Essential Wellness Client Perks

1. Essential Wellness Newbie

  • *One off retail purchase after consultation*
  • FREE Wellness Plan; we make an easy to follow plan outlining when and how to use your new oils
  • FREE Wellness Review; we discuss how the oils have improved your life and any comments you may have
  • Continued support on your E.O journey

2. Essential Wellness Explorer

  • *Membership + minimum $90.00 purchase after initial consultation*
  • Same benefits as client option 1 with a few additions…
  • + 25% off all future orders
  • + optional up to 50% off orders with monthly wellness subscription (cancel any time with no fees)
    • Shipping costs reimbursed in product points (FREE SHIPPING)
  • + Different promotions each month

3. Essential Wellness Warrior

  • *Membership purchased + Monthly Wellness Subscription (LRP) with 3 month commitment*
  • +Same benefits as client option 1 + 2 with a few additions…
  • + Up to 50% off orders with monthly wellness subscription
  • +Shipping costs reimbursed in product points (FREE SHIPPING)
  • +Free ‘Oil of the month’ with qualifying orders
  • +FREE 60 minute Aroma Touch Massage for qualifying clients
    • Only available to clients in Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant County, Ontario, Canada.
    • Booked after 3 consistent months of receiving you’re monthly wellness subscription
    • + 1 qualifying referral
      • Your friend / family books an Essential Wellness Consultation and places any order
  • + Opportunity to have your oils paid for and to make money