I’m Vegan & Loving It!

2 months into being Vegan and I am happier and healthier! I finally cut out chocolate and cheese, the only two things for almost a year that weren’t vegan in my diet (I also now love dark chocolate, which I used to hate!). I feel great, my hair and skin look healthier and I’ve lost weight (not that I needed to, it’s just a fact :)).

When I made the decision a positive and light feeling came over me and I knew it was going to be great for me, not only for my health but spiritually too.

I am living a more conscious and connected life. More conscious in the decisions I make daily, like food planning, healthy living, and general alertness. Connected to the earth, animals and likeminded people. This is because being Vegan is not just a diet for most, but a way of life. Vegans think about the bigger picture for themselves and others (people and animals). Most of us seem to have become vegan for the same reasons; the animals, the environment and/or our health. So we always have something in common that’s important to us.

I’ve learned a lot in the past few months. I joined online forums for vegans, watched documentaries and read a lot of articles. I also participated in a peaceful vigil for the worst case of animal cruelty in Ontario. When I was there I felt like I discovered a part of who I am. A voice for the voiceless. I felt like I could really help make a difference for animal welfare and that felt good.

Is being vegan more difficult than being vegetarian? Honestly yes for me, but only regarding finding the time to make healthy meals, but I know it will get easier and already has. I wouldn’t change a thing, unless I could go back in time and be vegan sooner! 😉


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